Tech Demos

Please Note: This is an area for exercises and experiments, and as such many of them are just ‘for fun’ or merely demos / ongoing wip. They are examples of what I can produce in small timeframes and not completed projects.

Scripting and Programming work

Asshole Hunter / Telegram Twine Game – Interactive Fiction about the ethical questions of prostitution.

ProzBot Telegram API – Intergration via Telegram’s API to open game in browser

Build Time – 1 night

Frank Design Test – Bootstrap site build over 2 days

Build Time – 2 days

BlueSky Test – Bootstrap Site incorporating Three.js

Build Time – 2 days

CatSpotter – Drawing with CSS demo

Build Time – 1 hour

Virtual Gallery – HTML5 / JS with Playcanvas engine

Build Time – 2 weeks

ChangeTheSubject – React JS App (Note: Video until Node hosting sorted)

Buildtime – 3 days

AllWork and No Play  –Amusing side React sideproject

Buildtime – 1/2 day

Website Builds

Partisan Development Build – WordPress

Development Time – 1 week [Unfinished]

MM Recruitment – WordPress

Development Time – 1 week 

Masked Combat Soldiers 

Website Work for an aborted game project

Development Time – 1 night 

Mall Solutions Webside Rebuild – Bootstrap3 / HTML5

Development Time – 1 Month (whilst managing other projects)