The Comedian

The Comedian
A game made whereby the player has to dive deep into the mind of a deranged comedian and find a way for him to reconnect with his inner child. It will feature endless stampedes of the Gazi hordes fighting against you, the tortured and sweet comedian himself – #Gaz.

I can get that done before I have a serious job interview, sure! hahaha

What I have learned from 10 years of being a Developer

A semi serious / semi comedy video about my 10 years of being a developer including some stories about work I’ve done, some funny anecdotes and stories and how I got into game dev and web / multimedia dev, as well as a few bits of general advice on freelance design and development work.

With some captures from games and websites.

Neverwinter nights old mod I did when a youngster…

and my website for up to date projects