P = NP Paper

Abstract: In this paper I prove with algebra and propositional logic that problems
(represented as information in a computer system or the the superset p) can theoretically be
solved over time by Artificial Intelligence. I do this by merging relational algebra / set theory
from mathematics (mathematical proof/s), nondeterministic Quantum Physics and computing
theory from theoretical physics (conceptually) and finally using propositional logic for the final
proof to solve the problem P=NP over polynomial time(t) and propose a new law of Quantum
Computing -” T he Quantum Law of pre-processing”

Download Link s1-ln54754695844769-1939656818Hwf-1099213718IdV1544291382547546PDF_HI0001


Shroom Hunter – Ludum Dare Jam

Find mushrooms, Kill Zombies

Story You are Knronos son of Thordor, the mushroom hunter of the marshes.

For 5 generations have you and you kind protected the wild world, maintaining and protecting the magic mushrooms that grew within from the forces of darkness. You spend each day day collecting your crop, what magical riches of the mind will this day bring??

Find out as you continue your neverending quest as THE SHROOM HUNTER…

A simple 1 level FPS / Collection game made for the Ludum Dare 40 Game Jam in 6 hours with the Game Guru Engine.

Controls – WASD to move, E to use, spacebar to jump Press E to start the game



Notes / known bugs

  • Pressing E is a bit non-intuitive so going 1.2 update will fix this
  • Developed for PC’s with decent graphics cards -Mobile version planned for Android
  • I should of made it more obvious but Press E to start play when map loads
  • AI can sometimes break and this will be fixed with the next engine update (think it is an issue with GameGuru, doesn’t always seem to break)