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christopher godber  

Some thoughts on Blade Runner 2049 and post-humanism

I really like the idea in Blade Runner 2049 that eventually humanity and cybernetic androids will eventually breed with each other to make something entirely new.

I think probably in the next hundred of so years that will eventually happen as well, possibly sooner. It’s the next stage of evolution.

We are nearing the end of the 1st Information age and are at the dawn 2nd one – the age of Acceleration.

We will likely become post human in some ways. Already happening to be honest in some scientific circles. Even body modding and tattoos are a form of mutation if you think about it as well. I am not a Utopian when it comes to the singularity though.

The world after that happens will need to evolve quickly otherwise what we think of as human now could be wiped out. And I think we need to keep a human essence no matter what happens with our post human evolution.

In many ways it is obviously a christian parable of the holy child and the chosen one except of course the one you think is the ‘chosen one’ is just a another slave. Phillip K Dick was of course a Christian in the Gnostic tradition. I wonder what he would of thought of this film. I imagine he would love it. Another beam of light from V.A.L.I.S giving us encoded information on how to escape the Black Iron Prison. Be interesting to see how this get developed if there is a sequel.