The Long Winded INTP Video Series!


I’ve been fascinated with exploring the concept of INTP (Introverted Intuitive Thinking Perceiving Dominant Functions) in Myers Briggs typology since I discovered it was my type when I was in college.

I tend to take it with a pinch of salt and as a framework of personality ‘bias’ as it were or tendencies but I certainly do identify with the INTP personality type.

In the video series below I explore my own relationship to this personality description from many different perspectives -from dealing with stress, to exploring my strengths and weaknesses in a video diary format over a year or so.

The general themes inherent in INTP of tendency to abstraction, social awkwardness, strong internal thinking ability / intellect in general, interest in Science, difficulty in organising external world, interest in system building etc – all explored in the videos, which explore ALL sides both ugly and positive.

Video List

1 INTP Personality type – general quick overview
2 Intellect and the Ego – The relationship between the mind of INTP and it’s relationship to Ego / sense of self
3 Chris INTP Video – answering questions from INTP forum on Facebook
4 What the Fuck I do – Talking about my career and how I operate in work
5 INTP riffing on FE – How my weakest function expresses itself – FE (Extroverted feeling)
6 Misanthropy INTP and negative outlooks – The dark side of the INTP from personal perspective
7 Degenerate – Similar to above – the negative destructive aspect of intellect and nihilistic impulse of INTP mind
8 INTP and the struggle for meaning – late night ruminations on how I struggle for meaning in life
9 Conceptual Synthestheia – An experimental exploration of how I think internally IN images with my Ti and Ne
10 Overcoming procrastination
11 – INTP ness – wondering what other types think of me
What is an INTP?


The Siren Manifesto July 2015

The Siren:
A manifesto for all and none
By Chris Godber

A poem to set the tone;
The siren at the core of everything

There is a blast in every mind
a boom which blows a thousand embers
in twenty one or so directions
as mind rips itself intwine searching for
an answer or clue
The question is compulsion
obsessive drive
to mention the everything in a sentence
and bashing pen or key
correct the logic of the universe in
a heartbeat
To bottle up tragedy and beauty
scribbling equations on broken doors
in otherwise empty rooms
to designate
the meaning
the meaning
the meaning
Zooming through digital archives
searching for a memory which
cannot and will not resist / persist
internal contradictions will not hold
beyond the walls of this concrete cage
where we hold the Frankenstein at bay
clawed at wall with tortured fingers
Bombastic fireworks fly in mind, flaring up
memory of youth
looking at fireworks now with age worn eyes
and dreaming of space will not solve the riddle of this
loneliness or help the ache at half past 12
the ache that speaks of ‘seen it all before’
To blast open a book
to blast open a mind
to open the gates screaming in ecstasy
mad visionary rusting demons shouting
at top of lungs
for fuck sake, for love, for life!
Of lord there is nothing now
our solitude is as song
singing amongst the stars
a siren to call us to a new dawn
It calls us to a new dawn! The future cries from some infinite crack in space / time , cries to us to dig ourselves into metaphorical bomb shelters and arm our minds cannons to set off blazing art bombs in the minds of men.
Don’t ever fear the future, if you feed that fear you dispel the mind warriors / philosophers of past who dined on thought and suffered for it…

[Blast open your mind, smash your television, embrace your mother, father and lover with hugs glowing brightly with golden light]
Hack the syntax of reality – Hack and subvert the system which bind and control you through black humour.

Definitions of intent:

We start by defining that which we desire and that which we desire to obliterate


Passion, Humour, Romanticism, powerful city vistas, burning suns swirling in infinite daydreams, the infinite, futuristic day dreams, metallic dream palaces… Nature and technology kissing with tongues.


The conformity of consumer society, the chessboard of controlling politics, advertising bill boards, do not look at them – smash your tv’s and embrace the information society of future where all is free and the grids of information smile in joy every time they see our old weathered faces, deep in the mountains of Zu!


To further clarify the intent and vision here is a list of the forms our desperate souls expression takes

  • Music
  • Art
  • Noise
  • Poems
  • Multimedia
  • dream experiences
  • spontaneous improvised dancing and joy on the underground
  • destroying advertising through subversion
  • free art left on tube
  • ripping up messages from corrupt newspapers!
  • Anarchy of machine spirit
  • destruction of control matrix

Form breakdown

Music Our music will be loud, bombastic, experimental, unafraid of breaking boundaries and ears to search for something new, a nuclear bomb of sound waves reverberating through halls! Droning techno whales in a sea of information. Remote controlled robot orchestras. Laptop’s playing symphonies, punk rock cyborgs!

Art radical , sharp ended , violent love poems to the infinite will of man and woman to overcome himself / herself , bustling mind bombs of energy. No limitations on mediums, use materials in every conceivable way – love material, love the challenge, love the experiment.

Poetry Blossoming love beat poems, vortex riding words in a syntax of oceanic chaos dissolving into order – a new generation raised on hopeful words – an explosion of language, form, the click click of the keyboard serves as rhythm , the beating of our hearts to a double beat informs the flow!

Noise Take every idea and throw into the mixer – create noisetone and experimental noise tracks about your mother! Burn bright supernovas in your mind to keep away the dark black holes that drill away – make drill space poems about exploring our higher intention to travel!

Reversing the feed – subversion of newspaper

Don’t like what your newspaper tells you – rip it to shreds – draw moustaches on models and scribble over the lies of politicians – reverse the drip feed of information until information itself is free everywhere! Throw your papers in the canels of London, dance in the streets and party until your feet ache from the movement in the dark.
Record your daydreams – every impulse – ride them to their logical conclusions time to dream a dream again…