P = NP Paper

Abstract: In this paper I prove with algebra and propositional logic that problems
(represented as information in a computer system or the the superset p) can theoretically be
solved over time by Artificial Intelligence. I do this by merging relational algebra / set theory
from mathematics (mathematical proof/s), nondeterministic Quantum Physics and computing
theory from theoretical physics (conceptually) and finally using propositional logic for the final
proof to solve the problem P=NP over polynomial time(t) and propose a new law of Quantum
Computing -” T he Quantum Law of pre-processing”

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Cafe Thoughts

This is a post written in a cafe after a a day at work so expect randomness and tired ramblings


Cybernetics – understanding the core principle know, it seems to me cybernetics is about systems and their complexities, including organic and machine systems if you want to call it that. It’s an idea that appeals to me due to my analytical nature

mixed with my creative side which it inspires in some strange way. I need to research more into feedback loops though, I understand the core concept but the actual detail is confusing.


Cybernetic Crunch continues well, though Sunday was a lazy day so apart from a few graphical ideas, littel progress there. More or less trying to understand the concept so I can improve the content of the actual learning tool / story.

Considering the visual style of the tool, i would like to create something that is bleak in some respects but also reflects the content i.e has a systems and network look to it.


But yeah there you go, some thoughts on cybernetics, done stream of consciousnesses style in a cafe in Stockpot