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Mercerism – Uroboros in Revolution [Short Film Project]

Mercerism – Uroboros in Revolution [Short Film Project]

Uroboros in Revolution

Uroboros in Revolution is a short film I have edited and compiled from a variety of media sources including film, images of fractals and math equations, historical documentary and interview footage, archive footage and animation from popular  underground media to help detail and animate a journey exploring humanities collective and individual interpretations of death, rebirth, and life itself.

From the horrors of the battlefield to the joy of discovery, down into the infinite eye of a blackhole, and the hell of a bad acid trip gone full fractal one poor soldier didn’t want or ask for. Uroboros in Revolution explores though music and imagery our very human quest to understand ourselves, the Cosmos we live in and our place in it, in a world that seems to makes less and less sense by the day.

It is sequentially divided into 9 parts and will be shown alongside an installation by multi-disciplinary artist Becca Smith, who is the artist I have working in collaboration with, producing the sections as a starting point to work from and also whom also informed and gave me ideas for much of the source material.

So thanks due to her, and visit the show as it will be a great opportunity to view the piece in situ with Becca’s Alter installation.

Details here – http://www.thetunnel-art.co.uk/portfolio/mercerism/

Sections of ‘Uroboros in Revolution’

  • 1 Battles [0:00 to 6:05]
  • 2 Cremation Grounds [6:07 to 9:34]
  • 3 Electricity [9:35 to 14:18]
  • 4 Black Hole [14:20 to 17:03]
  • 5 The Circuit [17:05 to 20:10]
  • 6 Hands [20:12 to 23:50]
  • 7 Horses [ 23:51 to 26:40]
  • 8 The Mountain [26:43 to 29:30]
  • 9 Eternal Return [29:31 to 32:34]

The music used throughout is by composer Kei Engel, a wonderful Russian composer I discovered though the freemusicarchive website and who I insist you visit now for some truly spellbinding classical / post rock music.


Mindscape Extracts

Mindscape Extracts

An audiovisual presentation of a series of drawings done in 2014

Part 1 : Madness
This section is full of images that explore my drawings which relate to states of madness or dark states of mind. The music used is a recent improvisational pieces produced using Audiomulch software.

Self Portrait : Mad Haired man
The Reluctant God
The Anonymous Patient
Red and Black (Physic Landscape)
Shadow Man

Part 2:The Dark Feminine
Images of dark femininity with soundtrack by Naturemagnet – a musical band I am in, track is called Brainjar

Breakdown Corridor
Obscene Machine
Miss Babylon (Ward 666)
Part 3: The poets and the Dreamers
Portraits of dreaming souls , music if poetry in small Places by my solo project BrokenGod, from my latest EP Deadstar 0

Closing Time
The Poet
The muse she waits by the tree

Part 4: The Visionaries
Closing the extracts off with some portraits of people both known and unknown and a final self portrait

Becca Smith – Poet , Dreamer, Sage, Artist
Mindful Combustion
Ben Nield – The Anima Animus Egg
Seeing Red – The Artist (Self Portrait)

Funny Philosopy – New YouTube Video series on Philosophy and ideas

Funny Philosopy – New YouTube Video series on Philosophy and ideas

Funny Philosophy

Funny philosophy is a partly serious partly lighthearted video series I have started on YouTube exploring a variety of philosophical ideas from a personal and fact based perspective. I cover everything from the pessimism of Nihilism in 20th century though and the history of Modern art, and all in 20 minutes! It’s basically a quick romp though various ideas which I try to inject with a bit of sardonic humour. Enjoy.

Episode List


Basic Web Design – Lesson 1 HTML

Basic Web Design – Lesson 1 HTML

A 36 minute short project for beginners covering making a CV using HTML

This lesson (HTML) covers core concepts of HTML as well as a tutorial on how to create and write basic html for a CV.

CC (Creative Commons) so please if you so wish use as an educational resource.

Patreon donations gratefully received at https://www.patreon.com/noirvortex

Visual Code Download Link

Subjects covered:
Concepts – 0:00 to 8:45
What is HTML?
HTML5 and introduction to concept of CSS
Introduction to the concept of content and presentation
Commonly used tags
How to structure an initial Index.html file (and file formats)

Coding Tutorial : 8:48 – end
Guided video Tutorial showing how to create a basic CV .html file

Sourcecode here (but try coding it yourself first!!) https://github.com/drnoir/Basic-Web-D…

HTML history –