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What I have learned from 10 years of being a Developer

What I have learned from 10 years of being a Developer

A semi serious / semi comedy video about my 10 years of being a developer including some stories about work I’ve done, some funny anecdotes and stories and how I got into game dev and web / multimedia dev, as well as a few bits of general advice on freelance design and development work.

With some captures from games and websites.

Neverwinter nights old mod I did when a youngster https://neverwintervault.org/project/…

and my website for up to date projects www.noirvortex.co.uk

Kill Stalins! Game Guru project

Kill Stalins! Game Guru project

Project: Kill Stalins!

Kill Stalins! is a short 1 level FPS I am building with the GameGuru game building tool, a tool which is designed for rapid game development and is available on steam. The idea of Kill Stalins! came from my friend Becca Smith who wanted me to design an idea of ‘communist space’ in a video game for an upcoming art show we have, I chose somewhat of a tongue in cheek avenue to explore and decided to make it a game of the ‘lone man’ lost in a world of Stalinist clones each wanting to kill you, a comical look at a serious bastard then in some respects haha, but anyway I will write a bit about Kill Stalins now from a game design perspective.

Gameplay / Objective

Kill Stalins! is a basic twist on the generic FPS, the aim of Kill Stalins! is to avoid or to kill all the stalins in game before they kill you using a mixture of dexterity and weaponry. I chose Stalin as the main enemy of the game because he is the renowned bogeyman of Communism (for good reason), and I wanted to emphasise how Stalinism and totalitarianism in general is an oppressive and limiting ideology, hence stalin’s being the clones of the oppressive version of communist society.  I want to develop the gameplay and mechanics further now, incorporating NPC characters and dialogue options, so as to give the player a more realistic human experience, I have added a Lenin character but will also add normal people too as well as figures from history,. More of a story element might also be developed, maybe I will give the player a specific objective of getting to a Stalinist stronghold, to rip the artifice of power down. This is one that requires some thought…


Aesthetic / Level Design

I decided to develop quite a stark Eastern Bloc look to the level, choosing snow textures and a bunch of block tower architectures to decorate the imagined Stalinist town – a grey town of limited possibility. I have used pre-defined assets for this project but GameGuru standard city models served the purpose of the eastern bloc look well enough. I also added a large statue in the centre of the the town, similar to that which was found in Stalingrad. See photos below for comparisons.

In terms of the level design, I wanted to make something that would look realistic in the context of the time and general oppressive setting of a Stalinist world, the level design is based around the concept of a ‘communist square’  as I envision it so statues of conquering proletarians and bizarre modernist constructionist public sculptures are included as well as oppressive brualtist buildings. In terms of how I wanted the level design to affect gameplay, I tried to create obstacles and dodge area for the player to navigate around in that open space, so as to balance gameplay. I still have more to do in that regard, and that is the next stage of development. As well as general development of the idea.

Further development

  • Enhance gameplay objectives
  • further balancing of combat
  • Build map – enhance and build a bigger map
  • Debug and test
  • tidy up existing map design
  • add more NPC and conversations options
  • add Sound FX

Watch this space for more updates on Kill Stalins!

Once it is done I will release it for free on here.


Cafe Thoughts

Cafe Thoughts

This is a post written in a cafe after a a day at work so expect randomness and tired ramblings


Cybernetics – understanding the core principle know, it seems to me cybernetics is about systems and their complexities, including organic and machine systems if you want to call it that. It’s an idea that appeals to me due to my analytical nature

mixed with my creative side which it inspires in some strange way. I need to research more into feedback loops though, I understand the core concept but the actual detail is confusing.


Cybernetic Crunch continues well, though Sunday was a lazy day so apart from a few graphical ideas, littel progress there. More or less trying to understand the concept so I can improve the content of the actual learning tool / story.

Considering the visual style of the tool, i would like to create something that is bleak in some respects but also reflects the content i.e has a systems and network look to it.


But yeah there you go, some thoughts on cybernetics, done stream of consciousnesses style in a cafe in Stockpot

Rat in a Maze Vlog Series

Rat in a Maze Vlog Series

Gameplay Mechanics brainstorm from the early stage of development

Rat in a Maze is a WebGL FPS game I have been developing for 6 months using the Cloud based Playcanvas platform.

The concept for Rat in a Maze is to create a First Person game based around solid level design that will challenge the player – environmental challenges, backed up with some decent gameplay dynamics i.e. AI and an action / stealth element with a strong visual style directly influenced by films such as Blade Runner and 1984.

I started the game many months ago, and it as it is such an ambitious project I documented the process of making it in several vlogs on my youtube channel. You can watch the entire series below – it gives some good insight into how the game developed and my general game development process. I am new to all this so those processes are still developing but hopefully they offer an interesting insight into the development of a game from the start.

Rat in a Maze is still very far from completion but it has made a lot of progress since being an initial rough idea, so proud of that.

View the Project here – It’s open for people to view as I am developing this for fun as opposed to any profit motive.