Mall Solutions Europe provides commercialisation solutions to leading retail asset owners and property managers throughout the UK and Europe. We provide innovative commercialisation management services by embedding commercialisation professionals into existing property management teams and by outsourcing to a central team of experienced commercialisation account managers.

We also consult on a wide range of projects, working with clients and key stakeholders to achieve tailored solutions that help them optimise the potential of their retail assets. From speciality leasing, brand experience and promotions, through to advertising, events, pop up activity, corporate and brand partnerships, we take on all aspects of the commercialisation process.

The MSE Approach

We adapt a unique approach for every client and every engagement we undertake, always seeking to first fully understand the brief and the relevant commercial environment, then applying our extensive commercial experience to innovate the optimal solutions and then aligning our resources to deliver those solutions.


We have a developed our own unique methodology to assess both the current commercialisation performance of a commercial property and it’s potential. Combining first hand workshop stakeholder ideation, asset auditing, benchmarking, and market research, with current and historic data set analysis to gain a detailed understanding of the an asset and it’s commercial environment.


Brand experiential, Strategy innovation, Tailored strategies, Vending, Fostering Innovation, Tailored management models, Global View, Advertising Media, Bespoke Design


Brand experiential, strategy innovation, tailored strategies, vending, fostering innovation, Implementation Planning, Business Plans, £10m+ budgets managed, Assest Value enhancement, Income Optimisation, Robust Forecasting

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Our Work

Case Study 1: Centre:MK


the centre:MK, Milton Keynes, UK


October 2014


  • New insourced MSE team engaged to replace a consistently underperforming inhouse team
  • Review and revamp Commercialisation Strategy
  • Driving incremental income and innovative new revenue streams
  • Deliver improvements to the quality of commercialisation activity in line with wider strategic asset management objectives
  • Introduce new operating standards and RDM procedures
  • Renegotiate and/or retender key OOH Media and other long-term supplier contracts


  • YonY increase of 23% in commercialisation income
  • Quality of activity and merchandising improved, attracting national Brand Experiential activity
  • New OOH Media contract signed with JCDecaux delivering income increase of over 50% over an 8 year term

Case Study 2 : Puerto Venecia


Puerto Venecia, Zaragoza, Spain


INTU Eurofund


On opening October 2012, retained after purchase December 2014


  • To provide a fully outsourced solution for both the pre and post opening periods to deliver a robust, best in class commercialisation strategy
  • Detailed business planning and financial forecasting, and implementation including marketing and tendering all elements of commercialisation
  • On-going management and marketing of all commercialisation elements


  • Puerto Venecia had a fully operational commercialisation strategy at opening
  • Commercialisation income and activity has continued to meet strategic objectives since opening in a difficult economic climate in Spain
  • MSE have been retained by new owners INTU Eurofund since their purchase in December 2014

Case Study 3 : Festival Place


Festival Place, Basingstoke, UK


TH Real Estate


August 2013


  • New insourced MSE Mall Retail and Brand Partnerships Manager engaged following an exercise by MSE to review and revamp Commercialisation Strategy at Festival Place
  • Drive incremental income and deliver a more balanced approach to commercialisation
  • Deliver improvements to the quality of commercialisation activity in line with wider strategic asset management objectives, by introducing high quality bespoke mall kiosk operators, attracting Brand Experiential and enhancing digital media
  • Reconnect with the business community around the asset, to deliver local and seasonal mall retail activity and brand partnerships


  • Commercialisation strategy now fully integrated with retail and marketing objectives
  • 31% YonY increase in commercialisation income delivered in 2014
  • Positive shift in merchandising quality away from RMUs to bespoke mall kiosks
  • More aspirational brands have now been secured, such as Models Own
  • Annual OOH Media income tripled with fewer updated screens

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