Obscene Cosmonaut Blood Loss : Prog Metal and Post-Hardcore Visual Mix [STROBE WARNING]


I recycled some Visuals I made for my band Naturemagnet for this spotify Mix I made- very heavy with some classic 90’s / 2000’s post -hardcore, progressive Djent / Math Metal , hardcore, and grindcore Metal tracks.

Emphasis on technical insanity and heaviness, with some moments to breathe too. Some classics and some lesser known technical crushers!

Enjoy – and buy the artists albums if you like them!

Track Listing – TimeStamp / Artist / Track / Genre

0:00 At the Drive in – Cosmonaut [ Post-Hardcore]
03:15 Dillinger Escape Plan – Endless Endings [ Math Metal]
5:55 Sikth – Riddles of Humanity [Prog / Djent]l]
9:45 Meshuggah – Pravus [Prog / Djent]
15:00 Snapcase – Caboose [Hardcore]
17:36 Meshuggah – Obzen [Prog / Djent]
21:55 GlassJaw – Cosmopolitan Blood Loss [ Post-Hardcore]
25:00 Pig Destroyer – The Diplomat [Grindcore]
27:57 Dillinger Escape Plan – Setting Fire to Sleeping Giants [ Math Metal]
31:26 Earth Crisis – Slither [Hardcore]
35:27 Converge – I can tell you about pain [Hardcore / Post – Hardcore]
37:51 Earth Crisis – Destroy the Machines Hardcore]
41:05 Refused – New Noise [ Post-Hardcore]

Mercerism – Uroboros in Revolution [Short Film Project]

Uroboros in Revolution

Download here 

Uroboros in Revolution is a short film I have edited and compiled from a variety of media sources including film, images of fractals and math equations, historical documentary and interview footage, archive footage and animation from popular  underground media to help detail and animate a journey exploring humanities collective and individual interpretations of death, rebirth, and life itself.

From the horrors of the battlefield to the joy of discovery, down into the infinite eye of a blackhole, and the hell of a bad acid trip gone full fractal one poor soldier didn’t want or ask for. Uroboros in Revolution explores though music and imagery our very human quest to understand ourselves, the Cosmos we live in and our place in it, in a world that seems to makes less and less sense by the day.

It is sequentially divided into 9 parts and will be shown alongside an installation by multi-disciplinary artist Becca Smith, who is the artist I have working in collaboration with, producing the sections as a starting point to work from and also whom also informed and gave me ideas for much of the source material.

So thanks due to her, and visit the show as it will be a great opportunity to view the piece in situ with Becca’s Alter installation.

Details here – http://www.thetunnel-art.co.uk/portfolio/mercerism/

Sections of ‘Uroboros in Revolution’

  • 1 Battles [0:00 to 6:05]
  • 2 Cremation Grounds [6:07 to 9:34]
  • 3 Electricity [9:35 to 14:18]
  • 4 Black Hole [14:20 to 17:03]
  • 5 The Circuit [17:05 to 20:10]
  • 6 Hands [20:12 to 23:50]
  • 7 Horses [ 23:51 to 26:40]
  • 8 The Mountain [26:43 to 29:30]
  • 9 Eternal Return [29:31 to 32:34]

The music used throughout is by composer Kei Engel, a wonderful Russian composer I discovered though the freemusicarchive website and who I insist you visit now for some truly spellbinding classical / post rock music.