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Mercerism – Uroboros in Revolution [Short Film Project]

Mercerism – Uroboros in Revolution [Short Film Project]

Uroboros in Revolution

Uroboros in Revolution is a short film I have edited and compiled from a variety of media sources including film, images of fractals and math equations, historical documentary and interview footage, archive footage and animation from popular  underground media to help detail and animate a journey exploring humanities collective and individual interpretations of death, rebirth, and life itself.

From the horrors of the battlefield to the joy of discovery, down into the infinite eye of a blackhole, and the hell of a bad acid trip gone full fractal one poor soldier didn’t want or ask for. Uroboros in Revolution explores though music and imagery our very human quest to understand ourselves, the Cosmos we live in and our place in it, in a world that seems to makes less and less sense by the day.

It is sequentially divided into 9 parts and will be shown alongside an installation by multi-disciplinary artist Becca Smith, who is the artist I have working in collaboration with, producing the sections as a starting point to work from and also whom also informed and gave me ideas for much of the source material.

So thanks due to her, and visit the show as it will be a great opportunity to view the piece in situ with Becca’s Alter installation.

Details here – http://www.thetunnel-art.co.uk/portfolio/mercerism/

Sections of ‘Uroboros in Revolution’

  • 1 Battles [0:00 to 6:05]
  • 2 Cremation Grounds [6:07 to 9:34]
  • 3 Electricity [9:35 to 14:18]
  • 4 Black Hole [14:20 to 17:03]
  • 5 The Circuit [17:05 to 20:10]
  • 6 Hands [20:12 to 23:50]
  • 7 Horses [ 23:51 to 26:40]
  • 8 The Mountain [26:43 to 29:30]
  • 9 Eternal Return [29:31 to 32:34]

The music used throughout is by composer Kei Engel, a wonderful Russian composer I discovered though the freemusicarchive website and who I insist you visit now for some truly spellbinding classical / post rock music.


Mindscape Extracts

Mindscape Extracts

An audiovisual presentation of a series of drawings done in 2014

Part 1 : Madness
This section is full of images that explore my drawings which relate to states of madness or dark states of mind. The music used is a recent improvisational pieces produced using Audiomulch software.

Self Portrait : Mad Haired man
The Reluctant God
The Anonymous Patient
Red and Black (Physic Landscape)
Shadow Man

Part 2:The Dark Feminine
Images of dark femininity with soundtrack by Naturemagnet – a musical band I am in, track is called Brainjar

Breakdown Corridor
Obscene Machine
Miss Babylon (Ward 666)
Part 3: The poets and the Dreamers
Portraits of dreaming souls , music if poetry in small Places by my solo project BrokenGod, from my latest EP Deadstar 0

Closing Time
The Poet
The muse she waits by the tree

Part 4: The Visionaries
Closing the extracts off with some portraits of people both known and unknown and a final self portrait

Becca Smith – Poet , Dreamer, Sage, Artist
Mindful Combustion
Ben Nield – The Anima Animus Egg
Seeing Red – The Artist (Self Portrait)

Kill Stalins! Game Guru project

Kill Stalins! Game Guru project

Project: Kill Stalins!

Kill Stalins! is a short 1 level FPS I am building with the GameGuru game building tool, a tool which is designed for rapid game development and is available on steam. The idea of Kill Stalins! came from my friend Becca Smith who wanted me to design an idea of ‘communist space’ in a video game for an upcoming art show we have, I chose somewhat of a tongue in cheek avenue to explore and decided to make it a game of the ‘lone man’ lost in a world of Stalinist clones each wanting to kill you, a comical look at a serious bastard then in some respects haha, but anyway I will write a bit about Kill Stalins now from a game design perspective.

Gameplay / Objective

Kill Stalins! is a basic twist on the generic FPS, the aim of Kill Stalins! is to avoid or to kill all the stalins in game before they kill you using a mixture of dexterity and weaponry. I chose Stalin as the main enemy of the game because he is the renowned bogeyman of Communism (for good reason), and I wanted to emphasise how Stalinism and totalitarianism in general is an oppressive and limiting ideology, hence stalin’s being the clones of the oppressive version of communist society.  I want to develop the gameplay and mechanics further now, incorporating NPC characters and dialogue options, so as to give the player a more realistic human experience, I have added a Lenin character but will also add normal people too as well as figures from history,. More of a story element might also be developed, maybe I will give the player a specific objective of getting to a Stalinist stronghold, to rip the artifice of power down. This is one that requires some thought…


Aesthetic / Level Design

I decided to develop quite a stark Eastern Bloc look to the level, choosing snow textures and a bunch of block tower architectures to decorate the imagined Stalinist town – a grey town of limited possibility. I have used pre-defined assets for this project but GameGuru standard city models served the purpose of the eastern bloc look well enough. I also added a large statue in the centre of the the town, similar to that which was found in Stalingrad. See photos below for comparisons.

In terms of the level design, I wanted to make something that would look realistic in the context of the time and general oppressive setting of a Stalinist world, the level design is based around the concept of a ‘communist square’  as I envision it so statues of conquering proletarians and bizarre modernist constructionist public sculptures are included as well as oppressive brualtist buildings. In terms of how I wanted the level design to affect gameplay, I tried to create obstacles and dodge area for the player to navigate around in that open space, so as to balance gameplay. I still have more to do in that regard, and that is the next stage of development. As well as general development of the idea.

Further development

  • Enhance gameplay objectives
  • further balancing of combat
  • Build map – enhance and build a bigger map
  • Debug and test
  • tidy up existing map design
  • add more NPC and conversations options
  • add Sound FX

Watch this space for more updates on Kill Stalins!

Once it is done I will release it for free on here.


bb-acid-d2 Sonar [Scape]

bb-acid-d2 Sonar [Scape]

A recording of an improvised jam with bb-acid-d2 2016 set to imagery.
An ambient journey into bleeps, drone and distortion
Recorded in Peter Sketti Barnes kitchen from what I remember so not the best quality recording (done my best to enhance it) , but some nice moments in this, mostly from 4 mins on,

Chris Godber. Matt Nin, Peter Sketti Barnes 2016
find more bb-acid-d2 here : https://www.facebook.com/bbacidd2/

The Siren Manifesto July 2015

The Siren Manifesto July 2015

The Siren:
A manifesto for all and none
By Chris Godber

A poem to set the tone;
The siren at the core of everything

There is a blast in every mind
a boom which blows a thousand embers
in twenty one or so directions
as mind rips itself intwine searching for
an answer or clue
The question is compulsion
obsessive drive
to mention the everything in a sentence
and bashing pen or key
correct the logic of the universe in
a heartbeat
To bottle up tragedy and beauty
scribbling equations on broken doors
in otherwise empty rooms
to designate
the meaning
the meaning
the meaning
Zooming through digital archives
searching for a memory which
cannot and will not resist / persist
internal contradictions will not hold
beyond the walls of this concrete cage
where we hold the Frankenstein at bay
clawed at wall with tortured fingers
Bombastic fireworks fly in mind, flaring up
memory of youth
looking at fireworks now with age worn eyes
and dreaming of space will not solve the riddle of this
loneliness or help the ache at half past 12
the ache that speaks of ‘seen it all before’
To blast open a book
to blast open a mind
to open the gates screaming in ecstasy
mad visionary rusting demons shouting
at top of lungs
for fuck sake, for love, for life!
Of lord there is nothing now
our solitude is as song
singing amongst the stars
a siren to call us to a new dawn
It calls us to a new dawn! The future cries from some infinite crack in space / time , cries to us to dig ourselves into metaphorical bomb shelters and arm our minds cannons to set off blazing art bombs in the minds of men.
Don’t ever fear the future, if you feed that fear you dispel the mind warriors / philosophers of past who dined on thought and suffered for it…

[Blast open your mind, smash your television, embrace your mother, father and lover with hugs glowing brightly with golden light]
Hack the syntax of reality – Hack and subvert the system which bind and control you through black humour.

Definitions of intent:

We start by defining that which we desire and that which we desire to obliterate


Passion, Humour, Romanticism, powerful city vistas, burning suns swirling in infinite daydreams, the infinite, futuristic day dreams, metallic dream palaces… Nature and technology kissing with tongues.


The conformity of consumer society, the chessboard of controlling politics, advertising bill boards, do not look at them – smash your tv’s and embrace the information society of future where all is free and the grids of information smile in joy every time they see our old weathered faces, deep in the mountains of Zu!


To further clarify the intent and vision here is a list of the forms our desperate souls expression takes

  • Music
  • Art
  • Noise
  • Poems
  • Multimedia
  • dream experiences
  • spontaneous improvised dancing and joy on the underground
  • destroying advertising through subversion
  • free art left on tube
  • ripping up messages from corrupt newspapers!
  • Anarchy of machine spirit
  • destruction of control matrix

Form breakdown

Music Our music will be loud, bombastic, experimental, unafraid of breaking boundaries and ears to search for something new, a nuclear bomb of sound waves reverberating through halls! Droning techno whales in a sea of information. Remote controlled robot orchestras. Laptop’s playing symphonies, punk rock cyborgs!

Art radical , sharp ended , violent love poems to the infinite will of man and woman to overcome himself / herself , bustling mind bombs of energy. No limitations on mediums, use materials in every conceivable way – love material, love the challenge, love the experiment.

Poetry Blossoming love beat poems, vortex riding words in a syntax of oceanic chaos dissolving into order – a new generation raised on hopeful words – an explosion of language, form, the click click of the keyboard serves as rhythm , the beating of our hearts to a double beat informs the flow!

Noise Take every idea and throw into the mixer – create noisetone and experimental noise tracks about your mother! Burn bright supernovas in your mind to keep away the dark black holes that drill away – make drill space poems about exploring our higher intention to travel!

Reversing the feed – subversion of newspaper

Don’t like what your newspaper tells you – rip it to shreds – draw moustaches on models and scribble over the lies of politicians – reverse the drip feed of information until information itself is free everywhere! Throw your papers in the canels of London, dance in the streets and party until your feet ache from the movement in the dark.
Record your daydreams – every impulse – ride them to their logical conclusions time to dream a dream again…

The Artist Engineer [Extract from Kaos-Net]

The Artist Engineer [Extract from Kaos-Net]

What is an Artist Engineer??


The artist engineer is the paradigm of the artistic archetype for a new century that demands a change in methods of reflecting on ourselves, and the productive processes and meaning of the art we produce. The artist engineer reforms and re-arranges the world according to their desire, generated through the prism of all networks and energy flows. The artist engineer takes the tools of the present to make a better world for all, to reform and restructure the elements of the universe in a manner not unlike the alchemists of old.

The true artist-engineer is a free agent of creativity utilising and developing new technologies to expand the human potential for possibility and imagination, mining the corridors of the possible, intellectually, spiritually and technologically to create a world of symbiosis between pure art, design and technology.

Theory – Not Slaves to reason alone

reason arose out necessary phase in the history of intellectual inquiry into nature, and as a reaction to the repressive and controlling hand of ancient religion. Reason helped forge a new world in the wake of the renaissance that led to the scientific cultural evolution of man beyond the dark ages and into a world of light and knowledge. But reason alone breeds monsters, to twist the well known ‘the sleep of reason breeds monsters’. That is an overemphasis in logic and reason to the detriment of a creative and meaningful chaos represses and makes silent an essential element of our souls and nature, namely the creative and fiery spirit of innovation, that Promethean will to power that marks all great men and women from the herd of the moral masses. We propose that reason alone cannot breed the new art, and that indeed art requires imagination and vision to progress into new and novel fields.

The artist engineers must first delve into themselves,
before they can output their visions into the mould of the Earth

The importance of the visionary experience to digital art

An inner vision has been the driving force with all breakthrough in art , from El Greco through to Van Gogh and Bacon, all greats artist use the raw material of reality to reform and restructure the possible into the impossible and visionary, breaking through to a world previously unimagined, the metaphysics of depths and the flesh of things unsaid, and unseen. At our current juncture we have access to unprecedented tools and materials as artists, paint, metal, computer systems , technology, paper. Increasingly these mediums should intermingle into the newer conception of art – the unified art of chaotic unreason, the visionary and interconnected world of meaningful relations, a new unveiling of the word made art. The Artist engineer must plunge deep into their self in order to wrest out their nervous system, plug into their own nexus of nerves and wrest out the meaning of our confusing and constantly shifting post-modern world of wires, sex and the it’s opposite , the controlling industrial violence of the military – corporate complex and corpo-sigilism (The creation of symbols in the service of extreme forms of consumption and capitalist monopolies and their continuing influence on the biosphere).
Any artist worth his or her salt will confront these issue, any less is to be a servant of the corporate interest artists in their ideal should be seeking to dismantle and rebuild, and in my view forms the antithesis of the artist engineer – the artist producer (I.e an artist who produces purely for commercial aims)

Creating a new language of forms based in catholic symbolism. To take religious imagery in its literal form and reinvent it in human terms.In an attempt to establish the human as the centre of society rather than anything divine. A symbolism and structure that reshapes the realm of god as the new non representational art that is the new spirituality of the body via a re-imagining or reinvention of the spirit.

The Artist as Cybernetic Feedback Loop

Definition of Cybernetics:

The science of communication and control theory that is concerned especially with the comparative study of automatic control systems (as the nervous system and brain and mechanical-electrical communication systems)

The Artist in the 21st century exists in a world of information overload and the emerging information society, the question should be then; how then can artists make sure that they steer their desires and will in a direction that guides whatever will emerge from the ruins of our post economic crash / post 911 world in a positive direction?

We propose that we can start by embracing a constructive chaos, and by becoming the cybernetic feedback loop in the flows of information that now largely dictate and guide our destinies. This means a constant reinvention, a perpetual reorganising of the collective unconscious, how does this relate to art? We must seek to create an art that reflects this informational chaos and seeks to reorganise it into a form that re-crafts our current story into an order that makes sense and both reflects and directs the energetic flows of the coming information society into systematic feedback loop of imaginative energy and information.

The Artist must become the loop, so that he may reassemble
and create new loops in the system of reality

Practical Theory – The Tools of the artist engineer
What fields then should the artist engineer seek to probe in search of novelty and creative / technological symbiosis? To my mind there are many, both familiar and emerging that the artist engineer could turn their attention to, to create and form new ideas, idea and methods of visual communications, beyond that which has previously existed.
These include but are not limited to the pulse of the electronic machine that underpins our networks and communication tools which increasingly dominate and dictate our time and lives, to use these tools for purely creative means. Emerging virtual reality tools which can be used to create new landscapes and stories that inform our current narrative, and help esteem a sense of wonder at unknown territories. Computer software that is meant to educate, entertain in equal measure. We speak of a digital method that incorporates all of these technologies and more, including of course the most ancient and arguably effective of visual communication tools – painting.

I also made a PDF version of this with some variation which can be downloaded here (this is the original text which this final text is an evolution of)