Hyperdimensional Information Theory (In progress)


Copyright and intellectual property of Chris Godber 2016 

CC 4.0  Attribution to ‘Scientific Advancement in the 21st Century’ 

Abstract: A review of sociology, psychology, technical and non-technical systems, contemporary and classical Physics and information theory / computing.

Proposition: I propose we must become artistic engineers to secure a future for the human race in the 21st century via the creation of a new engineering paradigm  and information processing system call Hyperdimensional Information

Summary: (To date and subject to modification )

Literature Review: (May be periodically updated)

Anti-Oedipus by Deleuze and Gutari

Proposal: Linking Deleuze / Guttari to Terrence Mckenna’s Stoned Ape Theory and the development of Language / brain development in apes and mental health / neurology

Conclusion: Reading an extract from ‘The Red Book’ by Carl Gustav Jung and a quick analysis of the Red Book.

The Post Modern Condition by Robert Pepperall

Proposal: Questioning the relevancy of post-humanism vs a secular humanist values / ethics and cosmological frameworks and consciousness / chaos theory and finally

Conclusion: a quick Dialectical film analysis of Fritz Lang’s Metropolis and class consciousnesses in 1920’s Weimar republic Republic Germany.

Ghost in the Shell Manga

Question: The Political system in Ghost in the Shell (Masamune Shirow)

Looking briefly at the CyberPunk manga magazine and series from Japan (my favourite Sci-Fi Genre) and dialectics on the representation of Japanese Society in Ghost in the Shell.


Informed by The Large the Small and the Human Mind by Roger Penrose

Exploring physics and cosmology / mathematics / entropy in closed and open systems related to chaos theory / singularities in spacetime and summing up of my own positions and exploration of cutting edge classical and modern and contemporary question in physics.

Current Paradigm in Physics

Explanation of Einsteins General Relativity and E=MC2 and exploration of quantum physics and cosmology and talking about developing a new theory of everything in the 21st century

Conclusion of study (Thus far)

‘Hyper-dimensional information Theory’ is a new theoretical / engineering science and philosophy that denies the ‘Mechanistic Deterministic Universe’ God of Newton, and puts forward the suggestion that entropy and the potential heat death of the universe can be overcome through the application of technology, logic and creation of Einstein / Rosen Briges via the creation of White Holes (Splintering reality at the Quantum / atomic level and folding space) and advanced engineering to allow for interstellar travel between planets to secure the future of the human race in the 21st century

It can be interperated in at least 4 ways 😉

Many of the Ideas here came from literature, counter culture and theoretical science (Physics) namely Phillip K Dick, Terrence Mckenna and Einstein because is it always good to remember the mad and the good ones.