City of Shadow [Current Project]

City of Shadow is a interactive Fiction I am building using Twine.

I have included a short tutorial above for building if and else statement for any budding twine writers

Set in a futuristic alternative Sci-Fi world, City of Shadow will combine aspects of Cyberpunk, Noir and classic Sci-Fi to tell a tale of intrigue and conspiracy, all set in an alternative future where the Soviet Union has gained ascendancy and technology is used both as a tool of creation and destruction. The player assumes the role of Detective Trent Mckenna, who is called upon to solve a homicide case involving a young woman.

The game will feature original illustrations by me, and I plan to incorporate a combat system, multiple paths to the end as well as advanced conversation systems and embedded media and supporting media to enhance the story.

This s a video of the first beta  build of City of Shadow’ (Jan 2016)