Rat in a Maze Vlog Series

Gameplay Mechanics brainstorm from the early stage of development

Rat in a Maze is a WebGL FPS game I have been developing for 6 months using the Cloud based Playcanvas platform.

The concept for Rat in a Maze is to create a First Person game based around solid level design that will challenge the player – environmental challenges, backed up with some decent gameplay dynamics i.e. AI and an action / stealth element with a strong visual style directly influenced by films such as Blade Runner and 1984.

I started the game many months ago, and it as it is such an ambitious project I documented the process of making it in several vlogs on my youtube channel. You can watch the entire series below – it gives some good insight into how the game developed and my general game development process. I am new to all this so those processes are still developing but hopefully they offer an interesting insight into the development of a game from the start.

Rat in a Maze is still very far from completion but it has made a lot of progress since being an initial rough idea, so proud of that.

View the Project here – It’s open for people to view as I am developing this for fun as opposed to any profit motive.

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