Chris Godber

Creative Technologist and freelance creative based in Sheffield

"A B.Sc. (Hons) Graduate in Applied Computing, I am creative, self-motivated and enthusiastic with a particular interest and work experience in the intersection of technology, software development, art and design."

Game Design Stills

Still from Glitch - Interactive Story Game (2015)

Still from Unreal Engine Level Design work 2016

Still from WebGL project Tunnel Virtual Gallery (2016)

Stills from game development work 2016 - 2017

Chris Godber in Manchester 2017 - Photo by Scott Lockhart

Technical Skills

Full Stack Web Design and Development 
  • CSS3
  • HTML5
  • PHP
  • Javascript and JQuery
  • React JS and Node.JS
  • Git and Git command line / Source Control
  • Wordpress Theme Development, admin
  • Bootstrap Frontend
Indie Game Development and Level Design - Unreal Engine / GameGuru / Twine
Game Design Skills and experience
  • Released several indie game and tech projects using Playcanvas and GameGuru
  • Unreal Engine terrain editing and development of levels - worked on two indie game project as level designer
  • Javascript Programming
  • Twine Interactive Fictions Desigin
Electronic Music Producer / Video Editing
  • 10 years+ experience producing Electronic music and 15 albums
  • Experience with editing for Adobe Premiere
  • Experienced with FL Studio, Audiomulch and other audio editing tools