Obscene Cosmonaut Blood Loss : Prog Metal and Post-Hardcore Visual Mix [STROBE WARNING]

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I recycled some Visuals I made for my band Naturemagnet for this spotify Mix I made- very heavy with some classic 90’s / 2000’s post -hardcore, progressive Djent / Math Metal , hardcore, and grindcore Metal tracks.

Emphasis on technical insanity and heaviness, with some moments to breathe too. Some classics and some lesser known technical crushers!

Enjoy – and buy the artists albums if you like them!

Track Listing – TimeStamp / Artist / Track / Genre

0:00 At the Drive in – Cosmonaut [ Post-Hardcore]
03:15 Dillinger Escape Plan – Endless Endings [ Math Metal]
5:55 Sikth – Riddles of Humanity [Prog / Djent]l]
9:45 Meshuggah – Pravus [Prog / Djent]
15:00 Snapcase – Caboose [Hardcore]
17:36 Meshuggah – Obzen [Prog / Djent]
21:55 GlassJaw – Cosmopolitan Blood Loss [ Post-Hardcore]
25:00 Pig Destroyer – The Diplomat [Grindcore]
27:57 Dillinger Escape Plan – Setting Fire to Sleeping Giants [ Math Metal]
31:26 Earth Crisis – Slither [Hardcore]
35:27 Converge – I can tell you about pain [Hardcore / Post – Hardcore]
37:51 Earth Crisis – Destroy the Machines Hardcore]
41:05 Refused – New Noise [ Post-Hardcore]

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