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Basic Web Design – Lesson 1 HTML

A 36 minute short project for beginners covering making a CV using HTML

This lesson (HTML) covers core concepts of HTML as well as a tutorial on how to create and write basic html for a CV.

CC (Creative Commons) so please if you so wish use as an educational resource.

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Visual Code Download Link

Subjects covered:
Concepts – 0:00 to 8:45
What is HTML?
HTML5 and introduction to concept of CSS
Introduction to the concept of content and presentation
Commonly used tags
How to structure an initial Index.html file (and file formats)

Coding Tutorial : 8:48 – end
Guided video Tutorial showing how to create a basic CV .html file

Sourcecode here (but try coding it yourself first!!) https://github.com/drnoir/Basic-Web-D…

HTML history –