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Searching for new ideas

Aaron Swatz

Ever get the feeling you were searching for something?

Ideas man. I have become too much of an ideas man, I need to restructure my approach I feel like, need to get back to basics, what do people want from the internet, and how do they want it to function, this seems especially pertinent given the net neutrality crisis in the US and Telegram block in Russia, Iran etc, it seems like the powers that be want the net more and more another facet of corporate control and that digital space to become more of a place for selling consumer products, rather than a place to have fun and forget about oneself for a while, not to escape in a negative way, but a place to explore oneself and others.

I have been working on a few things over the last few months, a change the subject react app, a detective visual novel, a 3D Brainstorming app in Unreal, a horror dating sim (only partially based on real life from years back ahah), an RPG that took me 8 months and many late night slaving over Lucifer (My desktop PC) but it can always seem so futile sometimes, like nothing I am doing is really changing anything. This is the dilemma, I want to change and make the world work better, make it better in real terms for humans beings. A utility first approach, with a level of sheen I spose if I was to put the thought into words.

How do you get through your periods of self-doubt and procrastination. Focus can be such a hard thing to define or find sometimes. I imagine this is a common developer problem so asking and searching for answers from the community. Do we focus on consumer needs and the needs of capital, or do we forge a more experimental path that might lead us to unforeseen dimensions?

That is the question. It’s a question I have grappled with since I began as a spotty lanky kid in Cheshire, building Duke Nukem 3D levels in my basement.

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