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christopher godber  

Creative Struggle, the Individual, Morality and Human Nature / Humanity

Philosophical ruminations on individuality, struggle, human nature, morality, creativity, the complexities of being and a little bit of reflection on life the universe and one’s own disappointed idealism.

Chapters Intro – Week from Hell – 0:00

Anxiety about Society and how Creatives function in that society (Love individuals / ambivalence towards humanity) 2:00

Why must we define? Societal pressure 03:55

I’m disappointed – we are lead by the least amongst us 05:00

Aspiring to something more – Herd values and creating new ones – Morality 09:13

You will suffer and there is no escape

11:56 Know thyself – Know your negativity

15:25 institutions are already dead – holding pens of current power and consumer capitalism

17:30 Consumer Capitalism is in endgame

18:54 Looking at the Herd again Morality – repetition

23:00 Civilisation will change soon – More extreme or a radical change ?

26:00 Nobody is in control and there is no God


Love is important 29:41