The Tunnel Art Manifesto [Film]

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A manifesto for art in the 21st century

Pre-Alpha manifesto video of the Tunnel Artists group. Weaving footage from The Internet Archive, old images recontextualised and remixed to explain the ideas of the Tunnel.

Features the music of:

  • The New Pollutants
  • Olafar Arnalds
  • BrokenGod
  • Max Richter

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Slogans and Ideas:

  • New modes of expression.
  • Humanity needs a new story.
  • Create a new language.
  • The gatekeepers of culture must be overcome.
  • To walk along the beach and feel the sand between ones toes.
  • To create a bridge spanning five hundred years.
  • Become the subversive artistic engineers by hacking reality and exposing the hypocrisy of existing power structures
  • New minds and new machines.
  • Dismantle the existing culture and rebuild.
  • The rejection of art as a commodity.
  • Chaos = opportunity / Chaos = opportunity