P = NP


In this paper I prove with algebra and propositional logic that problems (represented as information in a computer system or the the superset p) can theoretically be solved over time by Artificial Intelligence. I do this by merging relational algebra / set theory from mathematics (mathematical proof/s), nondeterministic Quantum Physics and computing theory from theoretical physics (conceptually) and finally using propositional logic for the final proof to solve the problem P=NP over polynomial time(t) and propose a new law of Quantum Computing -” T he Quantum Law of pre-processing”


Notes below

Chaos States in information 
Energy Duplicators
Description of Terms.
Rough ideas
Duplicating atomic structures and entropy -
Sketching visual ideas
Energy loss / disorder in systems over time
Intuitions on hyper-dimension 
On / off binart states split states 
Hyper-dimensional Information