Basic Web Design with Noir Vortex – Lesson 1 HTML CV

A 36 minute short project for beginners covering making a CV using HTML This lesson (HTML) covers core concepts of HTML as well as a tutorial on how to create and write basic html for a CV.

CC (Creative Commons) so please if you so wish use as an educational resource.

Visual Code Download Link Subjects covered:
  • Concepts - 0:00 to 8:45
  • What is HTML?
  • HTML5 and introduction to concept of CSS
  • Introduction to the concept of content and presentation
  • Commonly used tags
  • How to structure an initial Index.html file (and file formats)
  • Coding Tutorial : 8:48 - end
  • Guided video Tutorial showing how to create a basic CV .html file

Sourcecode here (but try coding it yourself first!!) GitHub Sourcecode

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